Let’s Talk About Links, Shall We?

Well if you’re reading this, chances are you know just used one, either knowingly or unknowingly. Links are the heart of the internet, the glue that holds it together, the gas that makes the engine run. Without links, we’d have no internet. We need links in order for internet users to find your website either directly by clicking them, or as a result of search engines placing your website higher in their results. You need links, I need links, we all need links!

What’s the big deal about all of these links?

Well many things about links make them a ‘kind of a big deal’ as some of my favorite tshirts proclaim. Let’s take a look at some of the key points:

  • Users need them to click in order to visit your website.
  • When search engines calculate rank, they follow your links to complete this process.
  • In addition to calculating rank, search engines are able to learn about your site and it’s niche.
  • The anchor text is also evaluated by the search engines to help determine what keywords will drive traffic to your site.

If there were no links, no one would find your site and visit it.

Ok let’s get millions of links!

Slow down there partner, we need to first consider the fact that you need relevant links, not just random links. Search engines will value links from sites that are similar to yours since they would be in the same niche. These types of links are powerful. If your website is about gardening, links from a monster truck website may not be all that great for you. On the other hand, links from similar types of websites will benefit your site greatly due to their relevance. These types of links are given very high precedence from the search engines, so you should strive to get them!

The value of anchor text

Anchor text is the text that comes between the a tag in html. This is the text that becomes ‘clickable’ if you will. One of the most popular methods for anchor text is to your keywords related to your website as the clickable text. What’s great is that the search engines have the intelligence to determine and value these keywords in relation to your site. If you are lucky enough to get keyword anchor text links from sites related to your own, well friend, you are now cooking with gasoline and on your way to internet dominance!

What about all these different types of links I see?

Well to be sure there are many types of links as in, reciprocal links, natural links, one way links, paid links, and so on. They all have their value but it is true that organic and natural one way links from niche sites related to yours are best. How do I get them? Well the best links are of course the hardest to get. You can’t pay for this type of link, you can only have 100% grade A excellent content and service on your site. This is what will attract these types of links. What this means is that you should be putting as much or more effort into your own website as you do in trying to get links for the website. In the long run, your site will benefit from this.

Just tell me how to get links to my site!

Well the possibilities are endless. There are as many ways to get links to my site as there are links on the internet, and friends, that number is big with a B. Let’s hit some of the most popular ones.

Social Bookmarks

A favorite among many search engine specialists is the time tested social bookmark. A social bookmark is a link from a so called web 2.0 property that allows relevant anchor text and niche categorizing, two important factors in link building. While not as powerful as the highly desirable organic niche one way link, they are the type of links that provide a lot of bang for the buck if you will.

Directory Submissions

One of the oldest links in the book is directory submissions. Internet directories are websites that place links into categories and are human edited to ensure high quality. Think of internet directories as the precursor to web 2.0 type sites. They are a less advanced version in many ways of social bookmarking sites. Still, many of these sites are old and have good pagerank, so they can benefit your site especially if they offer custom anchor text.

Article Marketing

A hot way to get links if there ever was one is article marketing. The great benefit of article marketing is it is not just the links that are so valuable. It is the fact that your links are provided within the context of a story which if written well, will capture the readers attention and imagination. Should they decide to visit your site via the provided links, there is much greater chance that they will be what is considered a ‘targeted visitor’. Targeted visitors are what you want more than anything else on the internet. These are users that have an explicit desire in the content, product, or service that your website provides.

These are the best types of links in my opinion yet there are so many more ways to go about it. I encourage you to read up on and learn about forum links, blog comment links, twitter and facebook links, profile links, website statistics links, classified ad links, youtube links, and many many more!