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Freelance blog writing is one way to supplement your income. Starting out is not always easy, but the benefits to your writing skills and return on investment make up for that.

Being a freelance blog writer entails many things, some of which we’ll discuss here. Writing a good blog post, contrary to popular belief, is not always as easy as many make it out to be! You need to research your topics, allocate writing time, and focus for between 30 and 80 minutes in order to generate the really good articles and blog posts. Once you’re a pro, this can be condensed, but plan on putting in some time to do things right. Trying to write several blog posts per week is going to take some time, so figure that in to your daily life as well. You still need to work, sleep, eat, exercise, and have some fun. You’re going to be putting in 10 or more hours on top of your day job, so be sure to write about the things you enjoy.

Something that makes this all worth it though is the ability to do this from anyplace and at any time of the day. You want to sip a nice latte down at the starbucks inside barnes and noble while making a little extra money? Sure! You can do this with freelance blog writing.

Again, it’s not easy, but here are some tips to get started:

Take care of your day job first. Do not neglect that while trying to begin freelance blog writing. Truth is you’re not going to make enough money to leave your day job anyway, and your day job pays the bills, so keep your priorities straight. Start slow and build your contacts. After several months, you’ll have a better idea of where you stand. Once you’ve honed your skills and built some contacts, you’ll find the freelance gigs will come easier.

Start your own blog if you haven’t already. If you want to do some freelance blog writing, you need to keep yourself sharp by writing for your own blog. In addition, you need a way to display your skill set and what better way than to show off your own blog? Your quality and attention to detail will be important here. You really need to be on your game before you can expect to gain income from others for your writing.

Newsflash: Visitors to your blog will be few and far between in the beginning. As you get the swing of things, you’ll hone your ability to write awesome headlines and engaging articles. One you know you have the goods, then you can begin submitting and sharing your articles to all of the popular social networks. You’d be surprised how quickly things start rolling once you get to this stage.

Writing for other blogs is one of the best ways to get noticed. Start offering guest blog posts to blogs that you enjoy and visit frequently. If your articles are good and the blog gets some traffic from your contribution, they are going to want more posts from you! This is when you can open discussions for getting compensation for your work. In addition when you guest blog, you often are offered the ability to get links in your post. This is a great opportunity to link back to your own blog and increase readership for yourself as well. It’s win win as they would say.

Offer your services at Awesome Gig in the writing category. Getting visitors to notice what you can offer is key and oftentimes blog owners are looking for writers, link builders, designers, and so on at Awesome Gig to further enhance their blog. Make sure to check out the suggestions and keep an eye out for users that need articles, website content, and blog posts. Reach out to them via the contact button and see if you can strike up an agreement.

Get a fair wage. You’re going to have to start for free, but don’t expect to keep it that way. Once you are established you’ll be able to command a fair wage for your services.


Awesome GigAt first blush, one might be curious as to why they would need someone to create a squidoo lens about their business or someone else to provide a full video review of their products, or if they really have a need for someone to write multiple versions of a creative poem for them, but after a deep dive, you’ll soon be addicted to all the little, and sometimes fairly big, things you can accomplish at a micro job website. It doesn’t take long, and soon enough you’ll wonder how you ever did all the things you need to do without the help of quality freelance pros at great prices. There are many reasons to love and embrace the micro job marketplace, many of which we cover here.

Unemployment Is A Problem, Micro Job Portals Try To Help

Let’s face it, the global economic downturn has taken its toll on many people, jobs are often hard to come by and companies continue to try and get more out of their workers for less of a salary. Micro Job style websites can and have become a lifeline to hundreds if not thousands of people around the world to put food on the table or a roof over their head. These small gigs may not make you rich but if you can package your skills or offer a service which only takes 20-30 minutes to do, you could easily be on the road to earning $50 to $100 dollars or more a day.

For The Employed, Additional Freelance Jobs Help Boost Income

With an economy that still places a premium on getting the most work done for a reasonable wage, workers are being tasked with more challenges for the same pay rate. How can you break through that pay ceiling when you have already gotten fantastic reviews at work and received your 5% raise?! Enter Micro Job Economy. Set up an Awesome Job where you can offer a quality and focused service for someone at a cost of up to $50 dollars per gig. You may have a special talent for creating stunningly awesome blog headers. The average Joe trying to break into the world of stylish blogs may not. What would take Joe 8 hours to do on his own, you can do in a half hour, and make it look awesome. You make some money, and Joe gets the awesome blog header he needs at an affordable price, it’s a win win!

Social Services For All

In the new era of austerity, micro job portals offer a way of giving back to the community. Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Computer Programmers can offer their highly sought after services for lower fees in order to help those who would normally have no access to this expertise due to the cost involved.

Connect With People, Share Your Talent

There are plenty of folks all over the world looking for small jobs to be done and thanks to the new micro job industry, there are plenty of talented people ready and willing to help. With the power of social media, these offers often get promoted across the internet very easily and at almost no cost to the freelance job provider, enabling the freelancer to begin earning right away with almost zero upfront expense.