Freelance blog writing is one way to supplement your income. Starting out is not always easy, but the benefits to your writing skills and return on investment make up for that.

Being a freelance blog writer entails many things, some of which we’ll discuss here. Writing a good blog post, contrary to popular belief, is not always as easy as many make it out to be! You need to research your topics, allocate writing time, and focus for between 30 and 80 minutes in order to generate the really good articles and blog posts. Once you’re a pro, this can be condensed, but plan on putting in some time to do things right. Trying to write several blog posts per week is going to take some time, so figure that in to your daily life as well. You still need to work, sleep, eat, exercise, and have some fun. You’re going to be putting in 10 or more hours on top of your day job, so be sure to write about the things you enjoy.

Something that makes this all worth it though is the ability to do this from anyplace and at any time of the day. You want to sip a nice latte down at the starbucks inside barnes and noble while making a little extra money? Sure! You can do this with freelance blog writing.

Again, it’s not easy, but here are some tips to get started:

Take care of your day job first. Do not neglect that while trying to begin freelance blog writing. Truth is you’re not going to make enough money to leave your day job anyway, and your day job pays the bills, so keep your priorities straight. Start slow and build your contacts. After several months, you’ll have a better idea of where you stand. Once you’ve honed your skills and built some contacts, you’ll find the freelance gigs will come easier.

Start your own blog if you haven’t already. If you want to do some freelance blog writing, you need to keep yourself sharp by writing for your own blog. In addition, you need a way to display your skill set and what better way than to show off your own blog? Your quality and attention to detail will be important here. You really need to be on your game before you can expect to gain income from others for your writing.

Newsflash: Visitors to your blog will be few and far between in the beginning. As you get the swing of things, you’ll hone your ability to write awesome headlines and engaging articles. One you know you have the goods, then you can begin submitting and sharing your articles to all of the popular social networks. You’d be surprised how quickly things start rolling once you get to this stage.

Writing for other blogs is one of the best ways to get noticed. Start offering guest blog posts to blogs that you enjoy and visit frequently. If your articles are good and the blog gets some traffic from your contribution, they are going to want more posts from you! This is when you can open discussions for getting compensation for your work. In addition when you guest blog, you often are offered the ability to get links in your post. This is a great opportunity to link back to your own blog and increase readership for yourself as well. It’s win win as they would say.

Offer your services at Awesome Gig in the writing category. Getting visitors to notice what you can offer is key and oftentimes blog owners are looking for writers, link builders, designers, and so on at Awesome Gig to further enhance their blog. Make sure to check out the suggestions and keep an eye out for users that need articles, website content, and blog posts. Reach out to them via the contact button and see if you can strike up an agreement.

Get a fair wage. You’re going to have to start for free, but don’t expect to keep it that way. Once you are established you’ll be able to command a fair wage for your services.


Let’s Talk About Links, Shall We?

Well if you’re reading this, chances are you know just used one, either knowingly or unknowingly. Links are the heart of the internet, the glue that holds it together, the gas that makes the engine run. Without links, we’d have no internet. We need links in order for internet users to find your website either directly by clicking them, or as a result of search engines placing your website higher in their results. You need links, I need links, we all need links!

What’s the big deal about all of these links?

Well many things about links make them a ‘kind of a big deal’ as some of my favorite tshirts proclaim. Let’s take a look at some of the key points:

  • Users need them to click in order to visit your website.
  • When search engines calculate rank, they follow your links to complete this process.
  • In addition to calculating rank, search engines are able to learn about your site and it’s niche.
  • The anchor text is also evaluated by the search engines to help determine what keywords will drive traffic to your site.

If there were no links, no one would find your site and visit it.

Ok let’s get millions of links!

Slow down there partner, we need to first consider the fact that you need relevant links, not just random links. Search engines will value links from sites that are similar to yours since they would be in the same niche. These types of links are powerful. If your website is about gardening, links from a monster truck website may not be all that great for you. On the other hand, links from similar types of websites will benefit your site greatly due to their relevance. These types of links are given very high precedence from the search engines, so you should strive to get them!

The value of anchor text

Anchor text is the text that comes between the a tag in html. This is the text that becomes ‘clickable’ if you will. One of the most popular methods for anchor text is to your keywords related to your website as the clickable text. What’s great is that the search engines have the intelligence to determine and value these keywords in relation to your site. If you are lucky enough to get keyword anchor text links from sites related to your own, well friend, you are now cooking with gasoline and on your way to internet dominance!

What about all these different types of links I see?

Well to be sure there are many types of links as in, reciprocal links, natural links, one way links, paid links, and so on. They all have their value but it is true that organic and natural one way links from niche sites related to yours are best. How do I get them? Well the best links are of course the hardest to get. You can’t pay for this type of link, you can only have 100% grade A excellent content and service on your site. This is what will attract these types of links. What this means is that you should be putting as much or more effort into your own website as you do in trying to get links for the website. In the long run, your site will benefit from this.

Just tell me how to get links to my site!

Well the possibilities are endless. There are as many ways to get links to my site as there are links on the internet, and friends, that number is big with a B. Let’s hit some of the most popular ones.

Social Bookmarks

A favorite among many search engine specialists is the time tested social bookmark. A social bookmark is a link from a so called web 2.0 property that allows relevant anchor text and niche categorizing, two important factors in link building. While not as powerful as the highly desirable organic niche one way link, they are the type of links that provide a lot of bang for the buck if you will.

Directory Submissions

One of the oldest links in the book is directory submissions. Internet directories are websites that place links into categories and are human edited to ensure high quality. Think of internet directories as the precursor to web 2.0 type sites. They are a less advanced version in many ways of social bookmarking sites. Still, many of these sites are old and have good pagerank, so they can benefit your site especially if they offer custom anchor text.

Article Marketing

A hot way to get links if there ever was one is article marketing. The great benefit of article marketing is it is not just the links that are so valuable. It is the fact that your links are provided within the context of a story which if written well, will capture the readers attention and imagination. Should they decide to visit your site via the provided links, there is much greater chance that they will be what is considered a ‘targeted visitor’. Targeted visitors are what you want more than anything else on the internet. These are users that have an explicit desire in the content, product, or service that your website provides.

These are the best types of links in my opinion yet there are so many more ways to go about it. I encourage you to read up on and learn about forum links, blog comment links, twitter and facebook links, profile links, website statistics links, classified ad links, youtube links, and many many more!

Outsource Services Are Your Friend

Producing and delivering services has never been easier since the Internet has come along. There are many advantages to outsourcing services online which have led to a thriving outsourcing industry. It is quite possible to run a small business entirely online using only the expert skills available through temporary employment of freelancers at minimum cost. We see people doing this very thing now at Awesome Gig. Online technology permits the outsourcing of almost any service including what we offer such as Advertising, Link Building, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and many more. These services can be done remotely and delivered digitally so service providers can leverage the scale and economy of outsourcing to deliver high value services at super competitive rates to the end user.

Outsourcing web design is popular

One of the popular areas of outsourcing has been Web Design. Taking this route has proven to be one of the best means of getting a high quality website up and running for the small business owner with limited skills in HTML, Javascript, and PHP. The end user may not have all the skills needed for the creation of a high quality website such as conceptualization, planning, producing, post-production, research, and advertising of the web site. Using the outsourcing approach, each stage can be completed under close supervision of the employer so that he or she can become familiar with the process and stay involved in creating the end result.

What does SEO mean to me?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a fantastic method used to get Internet users the ability to find a website in the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPS, of the major search engines. SEO is a very popular service to outsource. By using the process of SEO, a website’s visibility in the search engines is improved in the organic search results. Since SEO considers how search engines work by analyzing what people are looking for, the actual search terms or keywords people tend to type into search engines, and the high conversion rate of search engine traffic, SEO is considered one of the key ingredients in valuable and truly engaged users.

Improving Rank in the SERPS

Several methods can increase the position of a website within the search results pages of popular search engines like Google and Bing. By writing content that includes frequently searched keyword phrases, one can increase the visibility of that webpage. This is a result of the keywords which are relevant to a wide variety of search queries. By updating site content frequently, the search engine spiders will visit and index the website often. Doing this in addition to cross linking between pages of the same may also improve the site’s prominence. To outsource SEO services many individuals and organizations have turned to specialized online firms like Awesome Gig.

Social media marketing, a word of mouth freight train

A newcomer to the outsourcing scene that has gained a tremendous amount of steam is the practice of individuals and organizations outsourcing social media and social media marketing. Social media has become a powerful force on the Internet and in modern business. Social media provides a means for social interaction in a virtual environment which is enabled by easily accessible communication techniques like twitter, facebook, linkedin, digg and more. Social media has shifted the way organizations, communities, and individuals communicate. Due to the very powerful word of mouth nature of social media, many businesses pay close attention to it. This is an area that is easily outsourced for low cost.

Its an exciting time we live in where these virtual technologies and outsource services have enabled people to dynamically create and scale work in all sorts of fun and interesting ways.

Maintaining A Blog Will Help Your Freelancing

So you say you’re ready to jump into the world of freelance gigging? Ok, great! Now, where to begin?! As a starting point, you of course will need to create some gigs, but what else can you do to help your business when you are just beginning?

A good place to start might be maintaining a blog.

It’s common to wonder how early in your freelancing to begin blogging and while many believe in waiting until you have a steady book of business, it may benefit to start blogging sooner rather than later. Why? The reasons are many, but for one, it is a very low cost way to add value to your business that will help in many ways. Having a blog that provides helpful information to your potential clients may help in getting your name out there, while at the same time brining clarity and focus to your own goals.

Let’s take a look at how to go about this and list four ways that your blog could help your business, then some tips on how to get started.

Four Ways Blogging Can Help Your Freelancing

1. Having a Presence Online. By maintaining a blog, you are able to immediately augment your online presence. Having your own URL that highlights your business name is a great method of promotion. Many folks will have already taken this step if they’re in the business of web design, web development, or SEO services. It is true though that other types of freelancers will also benefit from having a blog. You want to have a way for clients to learn about you and your blog will accomplish just that.

2. Means to Network. Networking is so important when you are trying to build your business, your blog will help with this. One of the hopes is that if you can create some insightful and helpful posts, you will be able to engage in meaningful communication with your clients and peers via comments. You could use the built in commenting system of your blog or even facebook comments for more social traction. Visiting the blogs and websites of your commenters will also help to create reciprocal friendships and word of mouth referrals.

3. Provide a ‘Menu’ of your Services. Having a blog will make it easy to list all of the services you offer. You can also link to any gigs you offer and your clients will be able to buy right from your blog.

4. Write about your Expert Skills. By proving expert information to your readers and clients in your field of expertise, you will be positioning yourself as an expert that is capable of delivering the goods sort to speak. Mixing this info with a fun and engaging style will make your clients smile and be ready to business with you.

Ok I’m pumped, But where do I begin?

Well a quick search will give you a ton of guides on how to start blogging, but in the most basic sense all you need is what’s listed here:

1. Register Your Domain. You’re going to want your very own custom domain name that will highlight your brand or business name. These days you can register domains on the cheap, so it is a cost effective way to help your brand. Plus once you have your own URL, you can make huge stickers to place on the rear window of your car so that everyone will see your site name when you are cruising down the highway 🙂

2. Get Set Up with Hosting. You can do this many ways. If you enjoy all of the sys admin type chores that come with running your own server, you can get something like a VPS(virtual private server), that will allow you to hone your server skills and tweak your technology stack for the highest performance. For most, this is going to be overkill and not very cost efficient. Setting up shop at Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress, while pointing your custom domain to your blog is probably the better and easier solution.

3. Get an Awesome Theme. If you’re awesome at design it will probably be easy for you to create an engaging theme that puts a good face on your blog. If you’re not as much of an expert, you can find thousands of great themes for very low cost.

4. Promote With Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, the list goes on. There are hundreds of quality social media destinations available to you for free online. Focus on the top two or three and create a solid profile. Then network, network, network, and share your blog with your readers.

Blogging is a great way to help in getting a freelance job while also helping you to focus your skills and offerings. Happy Freelancing!

Do People Care if you have Backlinks?

Many people won’t really care, but the search engines will! The truth is, people don’t care if you have backlinks or not, but in reality, you need many incoming links that point to your site to get visitors and customers. There are several signals that the search engines will use to value your links including quantity, quality, page rank, html attributes, and more. The challenge in obtaining these links is just that, it’s challenging. No Pain, No Gain as it’s said. With that said, it’s in creating a page of superb quality that is the first step in getting others to link to it. People are not going to link to junk, they are going to link to awesome sites. This is the first step in beginning the process of getting links.

What do the popular sites do to get links?

When you browse around the web and wonder, how did ebay, amazon, myspace, twitter, facebook, and others become so popular and get the tens of thousands of links that point to their site? You’d be surprised that they don’t do a whole lot. The reason for this is that they provide a service or function that is worth linking to with no need to ask for links. If you’re like most folks, you’re most likely imagining how you could get links in this way. Without making it sound too easy, all you need to do is create value for your visitors. Create a resource and go-to destination for expert information in a given niche and the traffic will come.

I Need Help Getting Started

Sometimes, even once you’ve created your awesome service or website, you may not be finding the links and traffic coming in as quickly as you’d like. It’s difficult to set something into motion, it’s not as hard to keep it in motion. What is a rest, tends to stay at rest, and what’s moving, tends to stay moving. Ok, but what does that have to do with links and visitors to my site?! Well sometimes early on, you may need help in getting your link building campaign “into motion” and you wonder where to get links. How can you do this? Find other like minded people that will exchange links with you, or consider a social bookmarking campaign at a micro job portal. Once you can get the initial traffic moving, you’ll find it comes a lot easier as time goes by.

Find Sites Like Yours, Then Link to Them!

One way links are more highly valued than reciprocal links, but what some don’t know is that the ranking of the site you link to can have an effect on your page rank. Linking to other site in your niche that truly add value to your visitors experience may help your own site rank more highly!

Forum Links

Posting in forums that participate in your given niche are a great way to share and collaborate, as well as gain backlinks and traffic to your site. If you have experience with this, you realize that in addition to providing helpful and useful information via your postings, you can also find the answers to some of your most difficult questions that you may not find otherwise. Forums are where experts come together to collaborate and help each other. You can learn a lot by reading and contributing at this type of site. The great thing is that as you become a valued member of the community, many will check out your profile and if you have a link back to your site, you will get nice traffic.

With regard to forums, make sure to follow the rules.

  • Don’t spam the forum!
  • Use an avatar if possible.
  • Don’t get to crazy with your signature, it will come across as spammy.
  • Treat others the way you expect to be treated in the forums.
  • Add value, be respectful.
  • Respond frequently for best results!

Get Backlinks creating value adding comments at Blogs you enjoy

You may enjoy visiting your favorite blogs and reading up on the latest trends for your niche. Did you also know that you can get great targeted traffic from these blogs as well? You can, and it works by leaving thoughtful and valuable comments on blog posts that you enjoy. Many blogs will allow users to include a links back to their site when posting comments. This is a way to offer some value to the visitor in exchange for adding value by contributing useful comments. Great comments add value to a blog. Spam comments do not, so if you don’t have anything useful to add, don’t leave a comment!

Article Marketing Rocks

Article marketing is great! You gain many advantages with article marketing when in the hunt for obtaining links. The reason for this is that this adds them and context to your links, as well as the ability to tell a story and provide further resources via links. It can be a powerful method to get truly targeted traffic to your site. A random link out in the wild is not going to be as valuable as a links that is clicked as a result of reading a useful article, and having the desire to learn more about the topic discussed. Great articles increase your traffic if you write about topics that would interest your readers. So with article marketing you get a double whammy of power, the traffic that will naturally come from the article itself, as well as the link juice the article will give to the links in the search engines.

Directories Are a Good Source Of Links

An online web directory is an great location to add your website and gain a fast backlink. A directory is not a search engine but rather a collection of links that are organized by humans, into a useful structure of links within hierarchical categories. While not the number one way to build links, Web Directories are a great way to round out your link building.

Social Networking and Bookmarking

The popular social websites like Facebook and Twitter have really taken off in the past few years. Digg and Stumbleupon are also know to bring in huge amounts of traffic when used properly. You can utilize these sites in many ways. Creating and updating your own profiles with links to your site is a great way to be a part of the social media phenomenon. Outsourcing this task to others is also a great way to increase links and traffic back to your site.

Develop Search Engine Independence Over Time

In the beginning of your online business or website, you are going to need the search engines to help drive traffic to your site. Over time, your goal should be to build up enough targeting links and word of mouth that drive traffic to your site, without the dependency of traffic from the search engines. Search engines are a finicky, every changing phenomenon. By relying only on search engine traffic, you are putting all of your eggs into one basket, and what do we know about doing that type of thing?! Search engine traffic is great, but getting your own targeted traffic is better, and more valuable.

When you get permanent links on blogs, forums, web directories, article directories, and social bookmark sites, you can have good source of targeted traffic to your site that is more likely to visit consistently. Consider buying text links and marketing packages that will help you in this goal.

Microsoft Says Decaffeinated Bing Tastes as Good as Google | Wired Enterprise |

Is Bing as good as Google?

According to Harry Shum who has spent eleven years with Microsoft on Research and Development in search technology, Bing is now on par with Google.  Wired’s article is an interesting read and after using Bing on and off for the past six months or so, I would say it’s getting close.

The strength of Google is in it’s amazingly fast indexing capabilities:

In 2010, Google gave its search engine a jolt, moving the web’s de facto gateway onto a new software platform dubbed “Caffeine.” Designed by Google itself, Caffeine was a way for the company to more rapidly add new links to its massive index of websites, including news stories and blog posts and chatter from web forums. According to the company, it provided “50 percent fresher” search results than its previous indexing system, which was based on a seminal Google creation called MapReduce.

Google’s search engine came to dominate the web in part because the company built software that could quickly index links using tens of thousands of ordinary servers. MapReduce was so successful, it spawned an open source copycat — Hadoop — that now underpins everything from Facebook and Twitter to eBay and LinkedIn, and Caffeine was the next step, an effort to accommodate the world’s insatiable appetite for immediate web updates.

Social Integration

One area where Bing does appear to have an edge for the time being is in social integration. Bing has been tightly integrated with both Faceboook and Twitter, the undisputed titans of social media, for some time now. There is no love lost between these companies and Google. Google figures they can just build a product and do social media better, a la Google+, but that is a whole different discussion. Bing on the other hand is trying to create synergy between search and social media to further it’s position in the marketplace. Will it work?

The Jury is still out

I would guess most internet users are not quite ready to jump on the Bing is as good as Google bandwagon just yet. It is nice that Bing is around. It provides competition, and competition is good for the consumer. It gives users a choice, and it keeps the internet giants on their toes. Technology never stops moving and in the search space, this competition will be worth keeping an eye on.

Search Engine Optimization is Still Important

In the age of social media and word of mouth advertising, many have neglected one of the early methods of traffic generation and that would be good old fashioned search engine optimization, or SEO. You may already be a guru when it comes to SEO, or you may be looking for some helpful tips in getting your SEO plan started. In either case, you should find some new nuggets of information that may be helpful to you here. SEO and the internet in and of itself continue to evolve, and while there certainly is no one magic bullet that will solve all SEO related issues, there are definitely steps you can take to help your site in the search engine results pages, or SERPS.

Before Anything Else, Write Awesome Content

We all want results, and we want them fast! Hold on just a minute though. In many competitive sports, there is often a saying that goes, ‘In order to go fast, you need to slow down.’ Sounds backwards don’t you think? It is backwards when you write it on paper, but if we take a closer look at how this thought process applies to SEO, we’ll see how this actually holds true. Before we can optimize for anything, you really want to focus on creating timeless content in your chosen niche, that readers will enjoy and get value from over the longest period of time possible. Simply writing about the ‘trend of the week’ in you niche is likely to get you nowhere.

SEO is a structured process. You need to complete step 1 before moving to step 2 and so on. You can almost think of it like you do about a journey though your favorite adventure style video game (In my case, The Legend of Zelda). You need to gain the correct tools along your journey before you can complete the objectives. You need the right weapons to beat the big bosses, and in SEO, you also must take the right steps to get your blog noticed in the search engines.

On Page Optimization Comes Next

Once you have that excellent article about a core topic in your niche, you can begin the process of ‘on page’ optimization. When we’re talking about SEO, we’re referring to the ability of your particular blog post or blog itself, to show up in the SERPS at Google or Bing for a particular keyword phrase. If you follow a structured approach to SEO, you will be surprised at how effective these techniques can be. The given phrase you are trying to target will now fit in technically to the actual webpage with regard to the actual HTML elements as well as the article itself. The search engines look for hundreds of signals to decide how to rank your page, and none of us know exactly what all the signals are, but one thing is for sure; Consistency in your keyword phrase via on page optimization will provide measurable results when used in combination with the Next step of off page optimization.

As an example, let’s say you are targeting ‘my awesome phrase’. When users type this into Google or Bing, you want to show up in the results.

Let’s take a look at how this consistency works. The more consistent you can be in your phrase, the better.

1. Use Pretty URLs
Pretty URL’s will allow you the ability to include your keyword phrase and are more search engine friendly.

2. Include your phase in the meta keywords of the html markup

<meta name=”keywords” content=”my awesome phrase” >

3. Include your phrase in the title tag of the html markup

<title> – my awesome phrase</title>

4. Include your phrase in the meta description of the html markup

<meta name=”description” content=”this is some really great descriptive text that tells me exactly what this page is about in addition to mentioning my awesome phrase” >

5. Lastly, by default you will have already included ‘my awesome phrase’ in the body of the html markup of the page

Your article should include a few occurrences of ‘my awesome phrase’ in it. This naturally will be included in the body of the page, based on how most popular content management systems work.

A lot of this may sound like common sense, but it is important to place a lot of emphasis on this first step. I have done many off page optimization gigs for customers where I build targeted links for them and when I look at their page, I’m horrified. They may ask to rank for something like “Redneck Rebel Flags” and their phrase can’t be found *anywhere* in the content of the main page or in any of the specific html elements you should target when completing your on page seo. They merely have a static jpeg image of a rebel flag inserted into a non validated webpage. This would be an example of an on page SEO failure, and the off page optimization that comes next is going to be orders of magnitude less effective. To build a house, you first need a foundation.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is the process of building quality links from other websites that point to your blog. Unfortunately I see many people rush straight to this step and ignore the more important aspects of SEO that we discussed above. It’s true that it takes patience and effort to get the first steps right, but the results you will reap from putting in the effort are more than worth it. There are many ways to get links such as social bookmarking, other blogs, article and general directories, forum comments, blog comments, link wheels, and many more.

By following these structured steps for your SEO, you’ll be ranking for your desired keywords in no time!

Awesome GigAt first blush, one might be curious as to why they would need someone to create a squidoo lens about their business or someone else to provide a full video review of their products, or if they really have a need for someone to write multiple versions of a creative poem for them, but after a deep dive, you’ll soon be addicted to all the little, and sometimes fairly big, things you can accomplish at a micro job website. It doesn’t take long, and soon enough you’ll wonder how you ever did all the things you need to do without the help of quality freelance pros at great prices. There are many reasons to love and embrace the micro job marketplace, many of which we cover here.

Unemployment Is A Problem, Micro Job Portals Try To Help

Let’s face it, the global economic downturn has taken its toll on many people, jobs are often hard to come by and companies continue to try and get more out of their workers for less of a salary. Micro Job style websites can and have become a lifeline to hundreds if not thousands of people around the world to put food on the table or a roof over their head. These small gigs may not make you rich but if you can package your skills or offer a service which only takes 20-30 minutes to do, you could easily be on the road to earning $50 to $100 dollars or more a day.

For The Employed, Additional Freelance Jobs Help Boost Income

With an economy that still places a premium on getting the most work done for a reasonable wage, workers are being tasked with more challenges for the same pay rate. How can you break through that pay ceiling when you have already gotten fantastic reviews at work and received your 5% raise?! Enter Micro Job Economy. Set up an Awesome Job where you can offer a quality and focused service for someone at a cost of up to $50 dollars per gig. You may have a special talent for creating stunningly awesome blog headers. The average Joe trying to break into the world of stylish blogs may not. What would take Joe 8 hours to do on his own, you can do in a half hour, and make it look awesome. You make some money, and Joe gets the awesome blog header he needs at an affordable price, it’s a win win!

Social Services For All

In the new era of austerity, micro job portals offer a way of giving back to the community. Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Computer Programmers can offer their highly sought after services for lower fees in order to help those who would normally have no access to this expertise due to the cost involved.

Connect With People, Share Your Talent

There are plenty of folks all over the world looking for small jobs to be done and thanks to the new micro job industry, there are plenty of talented people ready and willing to help. With the power of social media, these offers often get promoted across the internet very easily and at almost no cost to the freelance job provider, enabling the freelancer to begin earning right away with almost zero upfront expense.